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Robinhood rolls out zero-fee crypto trading as it hits 4M users.

ASH SHARMA 26.02.2018 12:58:22

Coinbase has some serious competition. Today, Robinhood starts rolling out its no-commission cryptocurrency trading feature in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and New Hampshire. Users there can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum with no extra fees, and everyone can track those and 14 other coins in its sleek app. That’s compared to paying 1.5 to 4 percent fees in the U.S. on Coinbase...

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With $10M in funding, Mabl brings machine learning to software testing.

ASH SHARMA 26.02.2018 12:52:55

Mabl, a startup that’s coming out of stealth today, uses machine learning to make functional testing for developers as easy as possible. Mabl users don’t have to write extensive (and often brittle) tests by hand. Instead, they show the application the workflow they want to test and the service performs those tests — and even automatically adapts to small user interface changes. The Boston...

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Rainforest QA rakes in $25 million Series B to expand on-demand software testing biz

ASH SHARMA 26.02.2018 12:48:51

Rainforest QA, an on-demand software QA service, announced a $25 million Series B investment today. Silicon Valley Bank, Bessemer Venture Partners, Sutter Hill Capital, Rincon Ventures and Initialized Capital all participated in the round. Today’s investment brings the total raised to over $42 million, according to the company. The startup, which got its start in the Summer 2012 Y Combinat...

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Sony teases an ultra low light camera for its future phones

ASH SHARMA 12.01.2018 07:37:13

This morning’s Sony press conference was a real whirlwind. The company announced two new phones and the availability of its Xperia Ear Duo, still managed to wrap it all up in about an hour. All said, it was actually kind of refreshing to be in and out so quickly. There was a quick “one more thing,” however, as it teased a future camera technology aimed at shooting in ultra low light conditio...

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